What is Tableland? Tableland is a decentralized network for relational, composable data — powered by smart contracts + SQL. Mutable data with immutable rules, on EVM chains like Ethereum.

The Problem

Web3-native apps are forced to make a choice when storing application data: fit everything into the web3 mold, or use a hybrid web2 approach. Fitting everything into a web3-native stack often equates to costly or complex designs to store data on-chain or use decentralized file storage as a pseudo-database. With a hybrid approach, apps are deployed on web3 (using smart contracts, frontends on IPFS, etc.), but traditional, centralized web2 databases (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) are still being used for a subset of structured data. Tableland offers a new approach that enables dapps to store relational data in a web3-native network, without having to make these tradeoffs.

Concept: Immutability

An NFT typically use IPFS or decentralized storage providers to host their metadata, which ensures it is openly accessible but makes it immutable. This leads to a limiting experience since the metadata itself cannot change (”mutate”), nor is it easily queryable or composable. Alternatively, a centralized / hosted server provides a way for metadata to be dynamic as well as supports query capabilities, but it does not enable composability; hosted servers are not “open” web3-native solutions. With Tableland, metadata can be mutated (if desired, using access controls), queried (using the familiar SQL), and is composable (with other tables on Tableland) — all in an entirely decentralized fashion.

What this means for DMMYWORLD NFT?

To achieve our goal of having a customizable NFT series with accessories that can be added and removed, while also upholding the highest web3 standard, we needed a solution that was not readily available. Tableland offers the key to this solution. Although, it will not be an easy feat, as Tableland is still new and not completely rolled out. We will store metadata on a chain like Ethereum or polygon to be referenced as a form of middle-layer between Telos.

Bringing Tableland to Telos

The developer of DUMMY is in contact with the team at Tableland and has introduced them to the Telos EVM. Working as an ambassador of sorts, DMMYWORLD NFT will be one of a small handful of NFT projects to fully utilize Tablelands cutting-edge technology. Bringing this directly to Telos, instead of more popular chains like Ethereum and Polygon, we will be bringing exposure to Telos that would otherwise be lost.

Open Source

Dummy Finance gets its name from a “Dummy” token. A popular term used when developing testnet contracts. Staying true to the name, we seek to create open-source documentation of this project so that similar technologies can be utilized by other developers looking to bring their talents to Telos.